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A successful project springs up from a creative and open mind, just a blank piece of paper and a pencil with no preclusions or external influences at all.

We enforce with passion, searching for original ideas through routes not already marked out by others, looking for innovation in everyday life, changing the way you deal with things.

But having ideas is not enough, minds are full of worthless thinking, until they're not turned into business.


Even with a concrete and detailed business project, bringing an idea to reality is a very long haul. Combining our skills, we have created a container where those original ideas take form and content, otherwise lacking in perspectives.

With a no one-sided and coherent vision, we develop those original ideas with rational thought, professional methods as well as enthusiasm, to achieve a major and concrete business that fits all the player's needs. This is our enabled added value.

Since we believe that the meaning of innovation is not just about inventing something that has never existed before, we're also adding the new into what already exists.

The current market scenario is mainly based on massive competition; projects must be accomplished with the right combination of skills among all team members to get their best out.

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internet of things

IoT has evolved from the convergence of wireless technologies, wired appliances, services and the Internet.
This convergence is generating billions of smart devices tracking all sorts of data, then translated and analyzed by cloud based apps in real time, trying to transform our lives in 'smart' lives.
But new technologies deliver a tangible benefit only when applied to improve our lives; we help people find this advantages, because a device isn't smart only because of sensors or digital services, but only if it's able to help us with useful informations delivered through simplicity, respecting our privacy and security.


industrial automation 4.0

With the Industrial Internet of Things, devices and unfinished products will take the advantage of embedded computing and real-time connection using technologies like BLE.
We help people manage this distributed intelligence, allows field devices to communicate and interact with centralized controllers.


proximity engagement

No matter how great your product or service is, your business will not make any money unless customers are willing to buy it. This ability to attract people to purchase your goods is the Proximity Engagement concept; and it was done by people for people, so far.
But today, digital technologies like BLE, have changed the rules of the game; we help people turn potential customers into business, by targeting them with ads or content that exactly answers their needs or wants, increasing the customer contact effectiveness.



fit.it is the first portal that allows you to purchase your personal vanity url, your own space where you can put all your passions.
launching in spring 2016


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